AC/DC ‘Canceled’ New Album With Stunning Singer


AC/DC had to cancel their plans for a new album with Bon Scott when he died according to Greg Prato’s new book Bon Scott: A Rock and Rollin’ Man. An AC/DC icon recently discussed a big name Angus Young ‘replacement.’

OutofBounds posted on, “And there is the following quote from Tony Platt from a longer quote on getting the news about Bon’s death:

‘…We [meaning Mutt and Platt] actually had started listening to rehearsal demos of songs from the guys. Because Back in Black, we already had the plans ready and the studio booked. So, we knew that album was about to start – it was the next one we were going to do“ [they were working on an album by the band Broken Home at the time].’

Another Tony Platt quote from the book:

‘The way that the guys used to work was that Mal and Angus would sit in the rehearsal room and just grind out a few riffs. Sometimes they’d have a title, sometimes they’d have a couple of lines from it.

But for the most part, my understanding is that Bon would write the lyrics as the tracks were going down. So we were just hearing little bits of riffs, really [at the beginning of the writing sessions for Back in Black]. There were no properly completed songs as such – at that point.'”

outofbounds responded, “Angus did mention in an interview around the time of the Bonfire release that instrumental demos of HADOM and LMPMLIY featuring Angus, Malcolm and Bon (on drums) were considered for Bonfire, but that they decided against releasing them.

Could be really interesting to hear these embryonic versions one day. Had the demos been included it would have build a nice “bridge” to the inclusion of Back in Black in the Bonfire box.

I wonder when in the process they decided not to include these demos. I remember being quite disappointed that Volts included previously released tracks.” Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a bad AC/DC photo.