Axl Rose Girlfriend ‘Rubs Backside’ In Beach Photo


Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose‘s ex-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour was photographed as she was on a beach jog and rubbed her backside in a photo. A Guns N’ Roses member recently joined Tool after being fired.

SoFine11 posted, “Let’s say a miracle occurs, and somehow team GNR gets their shit together and announces a new record for 2020. What do you think the most realistic option is for the first single?”

Personally, I’m going with Hardschool, for no other reason than it appeared on their setlist(s) this past fall. It’s certainly the most “Slash” friendly track out of the leaks we’ve heard, and has some serious YCBM potential once Slash and Duff get their hands on it.

GNRFansJen wrote, “It’s kinda sad that we don’t have any expectations or hopes of anything more than a 20-year-old song to be released as the band’s first new single in 27 years (with this lineup). But beggars can’t be choosers. With that being said, I’d be okay with Hard School. It’s a great song. Other than a completely new song, it makes the most sense and would probably do the best among fans, critics, the charts, etc.

Everything above is completely hypothetical, of course. I still have hope we’ll get one, but the most likely scenario is that we will not.”

Lies They Tell said, “My prediction is that it’ll be a brand new song. I’m guessing that they might want to start with a single that’s written by the big 3.

Of course Hard School is a good guess too, cause it was on the setlist. But I really think that they were considering playing it only cause it leaked. Not because it was supposed to be the new single.

I love Atlas Shrugged, but I doubt it’ll be a single. I avoided listening to Soulmonster, so I can’t really comment on that. As far as I know none of us has heard The General either, so… Well based on the intro that we’ve heard, I’d say it might be too epic for a single. I’d guess it’s probably a pretty long song, but then again how should I know.” Guns N’ Roses recently leaked a ‘sudden’ Green Day family death.