AC/DC Icon Savagely Rips U2 Member At Concert


Late AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young unloading on U2 guitarist The Edge was revealed in a previously unseen Classic Rock magazine interview. Angus Young taking a brutal shot at a fired AC/DC bandmate was revealed yesterday.

Young said about The Edge’s speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for The Clash, “When we got there it was like playing in front of a bunch of fucking penguins in a restaurant. The guys from The Clash were up before us, and The Edge of U2 got up to introduce them. Fuck, he made this 40-minute speech [about late Clash guitarist Joe Strummer].

He was the most boring bloke I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness. We were at the side [of the stage], waiting, and getting madder and madder, even though we had sympathy [for the rest of the Clash]. So when they said to go, we fuckin’ took off. It was an anger-fuelled performance. We ripped the place apart. They were dancing up in the balconies in their tuxes. It was quite a moment for us. The rest of the bands were pretty mild by comparison.”

Angus Young canceled a bombshell AC/DC announcement a few days ago. Mtriad wrote on Reddit about U2’s performance in Sydney a couple of days ago, “I had the chance to make to the very first Joshua Three tour show in Vancouver. Now made to the second Sydney show.

I am actually impressed on how Bono is killing it on the vocals! Seems like they improved a little from Vancouver. I finally managed to hear my favourite song, Bad, live for my first time ever and that was epic.

They also played Desire and it felt very original! Bono to me was reaching the same vocal ranges as the 80’s on that one. It was pretty cool to see them do a throwback to Zoo TV on Even better than the real thing, to me on of the best tours ever.

Only disappointing thing is the crowd. Boring, aged, just like Vancouver. Nothing beats an euro-latin or south american crowd, hope they get a good time in India. Also the soundsystem could be slightly better, don’t even think if it’s the quality of the speakers but the mixing.” A ‘trainwreck’ U2 and Bono performance was ripped a couple of days ago.