AC/DC Icon Reveals If Angus Young Is ‘Well Endowed’


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young‘s never before released online classic interview with Classic Rock magazine was recently revealed, and he discussed his onstage outfit. An AC/DC icon revealed why his final 2019 shows fell apart yesterday.

“Ah’ve always seen people like Chuck Berry duckwalking and Jerry Lee Lewis stripping off, so I decided I would wear the outfit for a bit of fun. If I went on stage like this [jeans and Tshirt], I’d look dumb. That outfit does me justice! I can pull the hat over my head and hide me face; I can show me knees; I can flash me arse. Me bum’s about the best side of me.”

An AC/DC icon recently revealed a miserable Brian Johnson photo. Angus was then told a fan was disappointed he didn’t flash his backside.

“Cos I didn’t take off me pants? Nah, I only do that when I feel like puttin’ shit on the audience. Some audiences you get are really rowdy and to shut them up, you just go, ‘Take that, ya poof!’ It’s just to shut them up, to quell them. I’ve been on stage, especially in Australia, and there would be guys there all night ribbin’ me and they’d be shouting, ‘Angus has no balls’. Until I eventually take off me pants and show ’em. Cos they’re gonna keep it up all night, so ya gotta shut them up pretty quick.”

AC/DC fans recently debated the band’s best tour on 900 said, “FOTW tour was pretty mad. They were still aggressive and a bit wild. Angus had his very long hair, and Brian’s hair was a right old lop-sided mess with jeans held together by multiple patches. And he wasn’t speaking to the crowd much back then, so it was all still like the old days, very direct.

I was at school back then and remember drinking a bottle of Malibu on the train to Wembley Arena. Just a few rows from the front, pretty much in the middle, for my first AC/DC gig….good times. Some twat pinched my programme though…then admitted to it in a boozer a while later!”

You can read the full Angus Young piece at Louder Sound.