Brian Johnson Reveals If AC/DC Is Done After Health Scare


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson hinted that he is close to a medical breakthrough regarding his hearing loss that could get him back on the road with the band in a new interview with Dan Rather, who suffered hearing loss himself in the Vietnam war. Alternative Nation transcribed Johnson’s comments from AXS TV. An AC/DC member who was ‘broke’ after a painful breakup was revealed yesterday.

“Thankfully these last 2 and a half years we’ve been working with this wonderful man called Stephen Ambrose who is now this close to these new pieces that he’s got for me. If you’ve heard of him now, I’ll put him in touch with you. What it is is basically a raisinet in your ears, and the things in the back, they’re pumps.

So basically all I hear is the brain really doesn’t care where it’s getting the sound from, so what he’s created is two prosthetic ear drums. I know what you’re going through, you feel so alone for the first two or three months, when I suddenly realize I’m going to have to get hearing aids, that’s what old men have. Then you suddenly realize, I am an old man.” Brian Johnson revealed a big name called him after his AC/DC firing a few days ago.

Johnson was asked to leave AC/DC in 2016 after he suffered hearing loss, and he was replaced by Axl Rose. Cliff Williams announced a few months later that he was retiring from AC/DC. Williams, Johnson, and Phil Rudd then rejoined Angus Young and Stevie Young in the studio in Vancouver last year, with rumors of a new AC/DC album and tour. An AC/DC member revealed tragic news from a doctor last week.