Pearl Jam & Courtney Love Make Disturbing Announcement


Pearl Jam and Courtney Love have announced the death of the legendary Daniel Johnston, who passed away tragically earlier this week from a heart attack at the age of 58. A massive Pearl Jam stadium show claim was made yesterday by a surprising name.

Pearl Jam wrote, “‘Lucky stars in your eyes.’ Rest in peace, Daniel Johnston.”

Courtney Love said, “Rest in peace #danieljohnston such a sweet man. And a nod to the immense and awesome power of a gifted T-shirt to a true fan .. it can’t be bought , analyzed or that… word.. influenced… only worn with exuberance at how beloved you were.” Love is referencing the iconic shirt her late husband Kurt Cobain wore from Daniel Johnston. Kurt Cobain tragically died by suicide in April 1994, and Eddie Vedder’s music helping save an A-list star from suicide was revealed earlier this week.

kindacutekindanot wrote on Instagram, “Original 1983 Daniel Johnston Hi, How Are You Promo Tee. Not for Sale. Story time: I’ve seen 90s reprints of this design (Kurt Cobain’s print is a lot larger) but never an 80s original. Most people in the vintage community know of Daniel Johnston because Kurt Cobain wore this to the 1992 MTV awards.

However to me & others this is not only a very raw and emotional album but a piece of Austin, Texas history. This tee was originally purchase at a record store here in Austin where Daniel would sell his tapes & other merchandise like this t-shirt. Thank you @headh1gh for this, the true definition of ‘grail.'” Courtney Love made a disturbing Kurt Cobain murder claim a few days ago.