Angus Young Breaks Silence On AC/DC 2020 Tour


AC/DC have been radio silent on Facebook since August 24th after celebrating the 40th anniversary of Highway to Hell, but Angus Young, one of the last official current AC/DC members, has posted the first hint at a 2020 tour with Brian Johnson. A new post is advertising a new ‘Shop Now’ store, leading to many hoping it will be to sell merchandise for a 2020 tour. Angus Young ‘auditioning’ with a surprising AC/DC singer was just revealed.

Monty Tester commented, “Louderthanlife festival needs you guys!! Metallica is waiting for ya!!” Mike Coville responded, “I see that ‘are you ready for a good time’ on your tour page.”

Brennan Osinski said, “The anticipation is killing me RELEASE THE ALBUM AND TOUR!” Brandon Thomey wrote, “I’m sure this is wishful thinking but what if the announcement comes a week from Friday 6 months to the day after the originally rumored drop date.”

Teemu Valkeajärvi chimed in, “Where is the new album i have been waiting the new album from 2018 when the Vancouver pictures was revealed i cant wait please i want to see them live i have never seen them live please let there be AC/DC we are all waiting give us the thunder.”

Ricardo Lumberto said, “Hey guys for when the new album? And please, don’t forget Portugal. Last time here there was 65,000 people here seeing you perform. C’mon Angus, even Malcolm is saying ‘release the new album, there’s plenty of people suffering because of that.’ Don’t forget Portugal, my dear Boys (Angus, Brian, Cliff, Phil and Stevie).”

Susie Rioux McColeman concluded, “Oh boy, are we going to see a bunch of posts now and no concert dates again! lol.” An AC/DC 2021 tour rumor was just revealed.