Howard Stern Makes Tragic Billy Joel Announcement


Howard Stern discussed Billy Joel being robbed at his home this week. Billy Joel recently revealed an ‘offensive’ Paul McCartney remark. recapped: Robin started her news with a story about Billy Joel’s house being broken into over the weekend. Robin said it happened sometime over the weekend. She said 12 motorcycles and a home office were vandalized. Robin said they say the extent of the damage is still unclear. She said it will sting Billy badly because he loves his motorcycles.

Robin said everyone is getting into alternative stuff and Julianne Hough is getting into it. She said she used to do that stuff herself. Robin said she got into that freezing thing and all of this stuff. Robin said Julianne Hough apparently had some kind of energy healing. Howard said he saw this. Robin said it looked like she was having an exorcism. Howard said he saw that video. He said she’s a weirdo but she’s hot. Robin had some audio and Howard described what was happening in that clip. He said she was rolling around like a fish and she started moaning. He played more of the clip where she did that. Howard said the guy didn’t even touch her and she made that sound. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

Howard took a call from Patty who called into the show yesterday. Howard said they got a lot of positive feedback about her call. Patty said she’s having a lot of anxiety when she draws. Howard said maybe if she calls on their next show he can spend some time on this. He asked what the anxiety is about. She said it’s because she can’t draw. She said she wants to learn so bad. She said she’s afraid she won’t be able to do it. Howard said you have to keep plugging away and get some lessons.

Patty said she’s trying to learn from a correspondence course. Howard said she has to go to a class. Patty said she doesn’t like the way they want her to draw. She said she can’t learn like that. Howard said he has to think about this and she can call in when he gets back. He said he’ll tell her some shit to do.

Howard asked what she’s on. She mentioned the medication she’s on. Howard said he tried to set her up with the depressed guy yesterday. Patty said she never did hear from him. Howard had ”Harry” on the phone. Harry asked Patty about her anxiety and they spent a little time talking about that. Howard said these two are perfect for each other. He said he doesn’t have time for this though. He said he will get back to Patty on their next show. He let her go. Howard Stern recently unloaded on a Steven Tyler losing his voice claim.