Corey Taylor Reveals Weight Gain To Slipknot Fans


Slipknot singer Corey Taylor revealed that health issues led to him gaining ‘a lot of weight’ during his off time from the band, but that he’s working hard now to stay in shape. Corey Taylor reacted to a new Tool album bombshell over the weekend.

He told Vulture, “It’s one of the reasons why I try to stay in shape, which was made harder because of my recent surgeries. After my spinal surgery, I had to take a lot of time off. I gained a lot of weight. I was out of shape. Adding that to the depression didn’t do me any fucking favors. And then the surgeries on my knees definitely set me a little bit back. It’s hard because your spirit is still right there, and every night, it’s just pushing your flesh to its absolute fucking pinnacle. Go harder. Do this harder. Be this hard. As long as the spirit’s there, you’re still gonna put on a good show. But am I 27 anymore? Fuck no, and I’m so glad I’m not, because I’d probably fucking kill myself out there.

At the same time, it’s not the same band. It’s not the same audience. It’s not the same message. We’ve been through so much that I would be lying to the audience if I were trying to be something else other than who I am right now. Who I am right now loves being onstage, loves performing, loves singing, and loves just going for it as hard as I possibly can. I’m not trying to set myself on fire anymore. I’m not trying to fucking kill myself anywhere. It’s a different time, but it’s the same fire. You learn, over time, how to take care of yourself. Or you don’t and you end up looking like one of those busted guys onstage who’s in so much fucking pain.”

Corey Taylor called out a fans brutal Gene Simmons insult last week. While the first week sales numbers aren’t in yet for the new Slipknot album We Are Not Your Kind, MoreThanConquerors posted on the band’s Reddit that from what he’s seen at stores, the numbers should be quite high.

“WANYK (Physical/Digital/Streaming) album sales have to be some of the best they’ve ever had as a band, as it should be for this masterpiece.

I’ve been noticing at many stores that they’re sold out of the album in CD and Vinyl format. I even checked the target stock online of the album for minneapolis and most stores are sold out. That doesn’t happen much anymore. Also many record stores are sold out as well. I luckily bought my CD early Friday morning but I’m glad to see people love this and are buying it.

Also looking at charts and streams they’re on top of most right now. As a fan for almost 2 decades I’m elated they are still one of the juggernauts of metal. This album is going to be revered as their true magnum opus I think when it’s all said and done.”