Motley Crue Icon Savagely Disrespected On Plane


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s wife Courtney was recently spotted on a private jet, and after Nikki made a funny comment, he was disrespected by a fan. Vince Neil’s stunning swimsuit photo was just revealed.

Courtney wrote, “Watch out Vegas here we come!” Nikki sarcastically commented, “Please return my jet in one piece. 😂”

Ludomaki shot back, “Supporting Greta Thunberg but using a private jet… love ya but honestly this one was avoidable.”

Sabby0916 told Ludomaki, “Aside from the fact 1) it isn’t your place to enforce what he spends his money on and 2) Whether it be his personal jet or a different one, how do you expect him or any other artist to reach there venues for a show in a timely matter? 😉 love you @nikkisixxpixx.”

Ludomaki posted, “I genuinely don’t give a fuck about the money, it’s more of an environment issue. Do your research and look up the CO2 emissions. Also this post is in NO WAY related to touring.”

Sabby0916 shot back, “Nah. You just sit there and be pissed at the world. I guess in your world, everyone should be Fred Flintstone-ing it. You must lead an exciting life. #nofun btw…. the co2 emissions don’t stop just because they’re touring. #theco2emissionshavemorefunthanyou 😘😘.”

Capernick recently posted on Motley Crue’s Reddit, “I was walking to boxing practice wearing the new Crue shirt I got and a football coach stopped me he says ,”hey do you even listen to Crue “ I of course say yea and he says “name two songs “ so I name my two favorite home sweet home and starry eyes , then he says name two more so I say knock em dead kid and live wire , the dude fist bumps me and says cool rock on kid 😂 . That guy is the second coolest person in my school right behind my meteorology teacher, man that was wicked.” A Motley Crue icon was just caught ‘juicing’ in a gym photo.