Eddie Van Halen Wife Reveals Sad ‘Weight Gain’ Photo


Eddie Van Halen‘s wife Janie Van Halen claimed that she ‘gained weight’ over the holidays, revealing a photo with a quote as well.

Janie said, “Ok, for real, someone gotta get it together and get back in the gym 🙄. #holidayweightgain #whathappened #snuckuponme #justsayno 😂.”

Janie also posted a quote, “My jeans say ‘no more Christmas goodies’ but my leggings are like, ‘we got you, gurrrl.'”

Little Dreamer posted on VHLinks.com about a new Eddie Van Halen photo that surfaced last week after a ‘sick’ claim. Dreamer said, “But I’m not really getting the point of these updates. They must know about the speculation going on. So you would think they’d either post a super healthy picture of Ed as if to say ‘don’t believe the rumors, he’s doing great.’

Or if they post a picture of him looking unwell, they would at least give some kind of explanation. The picture they chose to post is only going to fuel more rumors and second hand info, IMO. And to think he’s married to a PR person…

Dave’s Dreidel responded, “At this point I would think the reasoning is pretty clear. VH is a private group of people. They don’t let their fans know about album and touring plans, why would they update fans on their health and personal lives? It’s none of our damn business.”

Ziggysmalls wrote, “Well wherever he is at, its likely some place warm or where trees are not losing leaves. No way is he in Europe since foliage is gone. Same for most of the United States unless south or west.

Anyway at least he is out and about. I have come to the realization that he can live the rest of his life how he wants. Screw my fandom.” Eddie Van Halen’s family revealed a ‘coughing’ photo last week.