Aerosmith ‘Drunken’ Meltdown At Concert Revealed


Aerosmith was the subject of discussion as a caller recently rang up the Howard Stern show to describe taking care of one of Howard’s closest confidants in Ronnie ‘The Limo Driver’ Mund when Aerosmith was set to perform, proclaiming him to be a ‘drunken mess’. Steven Tyler recently revealed if Aerosmith are ‘retiring’ from touring. recapped: Howard took a call from a guy who said he loves Howard. He said he got to take care of Ronnie when Aerosmith came out. He said he’s a drunken mess. He said he worked for the venue where they played. Howard said Ronnie was out in Vegas a while ago and went to the concert. The caller said Ronnie was every bit of everything he wanted him to be. He said he loves Ronnie to death. He said he was douchey and out there and loud. Howard said he’s not calling in to throw him under the bus at all. The caller said he was out of control shouting and yelling. He said he was grabbing people.

Ronnie came in and said he doesn’t know who this guy is. He was calling himself Captain Trips. Ronnie said he wasn’t drinking at all that night. He said he had to catch a plane at 6 in the morning and he doesn’t drink before that. He said he wasn’t acting stupid at all. He said he was in a VIP section just sitting there watching the concert. Ronnie said he doesn’t know this guy at all. He said he’s full of shit and he wasn’t even there. Steven Tyler recently revealed the last time he used drugs, is he clean?

Howard asked Captain Trips if he’s lying. Trips said he never lied a day in his life. Robin asked why he was near him. Trips said he took some pictures of him and Stephanie. He said he has them if he wants to see. Ronnie said he didn’t do that. Howard said he almost doesn’t care. He hung up on Trips. He said they’re all bogged down with this.

Howard asked how Ronnie is doing. Ronnie said he’s all good. Howard said he has to get Hillary Clinton up there. Ronnie said there are a bunch of people in charge there. He said there are people from Sirius involved. Howard said don’t give her any sex tips.

Ronnie said he had to bring him up and then go meet with some people about Hillary. He said he had to go back downstairs. Howard said Adam was kind of freaked out. He said he didn’t say much. Ronnie said he was talking to people in the elevator. He said he just let them be. Howard said he’d love to see a behind the scenes with Ronnie. He said they should have a camera following him around all day. He said he thinks there’s a reality show there. Joe Perry recently revealed if he wants Steven Tyler out of Aerosmith.