Angus Young Reveals AC/DC Member ‘Affair’ With Girlfriend


AC/DC members Angus Young and the late great Malcolm Young discussed former singer Dave Evans in a recently unearthed Classic Rock magazine interview, claiming that Evans had an affair with their drummer’s girlfriend.

“[Dave] Evans had been screwing this chick that the drummer at the time fancied, so he woke him up at five in the morning and smashed Dave in the face. Gave him a f**king good beating, he did.”

AC/DC fans recently discussed Angus and Malcolm Young’s best guitar tones on Reddit. Toodlum posted, “Which album has the best guitar tone? This is a hard one for me. I really like the tone on Let There Be Rock. It’s very bright and trebly for a guitar sound. I’ve heard a few theories as to why the Let There Be Rock guitar sound was so special.”

An AC/DC family member discussed a big reunion tour cancelation last week. Toodlum added, “Some say Angus used a wireless unit for recording this album which added more compression and grit to his tone. Others say they mixed tube distortion with solid-state distortion. There’s also theories about mic distortion, blown speakers, etc. I think the Young brothers did confirm that one of their amps blew up at the end of recording the song Let There Be Rock.

The other album with great guitar tone for me is Flick Of The Switch. It’s much more striped down than the previous two Brian albums and it feels raw and chunky without overdoing it on the distortion. I don’t care much for the guitar tone on the later Brian albums, especially The Razors Edge and Ballbreaker. It seems to have lost that growl and is way more blues-based.

What are ya’ll’s thoughts?” CavemanTan responded, “I don’t think their tone ever got much better than Powerage for me. Just pure rock tone. Highway to Hell and Back in Black have legendary guitar tone as well. I’m personally a big fan of Fly on the Wall’s tone, despite how much flack that album gets.” Angus Young reacting to AC/DC breakup rumors was detailed last week.