Neil Young ‘Worst Drug’ Used Finally Revealed


Neil Young recently reacted to a fan reminding him how he quit drugs, and one specifically that he used, in a new Q&A. Neil Young recently dropped a stunning retirement bombshell.

“I loved that Carnival is the song of the day today! It sounds like they were having a blast doing this. I remember reading in Waging Heavy Peace that Neil was off drugs, not drinking, and not smoking pot anymore and my first thought was that the music would suffer, so when I bought The Visitor and heard Carnival my first impression was that all that was out the window and Neil and The Real were loaded to the gills while they played it.

I might be wrong and it was just the joy of the song that was coming through, but I still love it. We need to have some just plain old high-def fun come through the speakers once in a while. Thanks for this little gem today. JonesyQ.”

Young responded, “JQ Yer welcome! PROMISE OF THE REAL!! n.”

Another fan asked, “Neil, Your song ‘Green is Blue’ is a beautiful but dire warning of what will happen if we don’t address climate change. Endless high temperatures and fires, melting polar caps and loss of animal habitat.

The movie ‘Soylent Green’ is a futuristic look at where the effects of climate change have come to pass, resulting in barren vegetation, lack of clean air and loss of most vegetable and animal foods.

As Edward G. Robinson (in his last movie role] lays dying and looking at a surround screen filled with the beauty and sounds of a bygone time in all it’s splendor of blue sky, flower filled green fields and horses running free; he says to Charlton Heston ‘Can you see it?’

He replies tearfully, ‘Yes. I could never have imagined!’ He looks at a world he had never seen, unimagined by the young of his generation.

Maybe if humankind can heed the warning signs while there is time, then the desolation of ‘Soylent Green’ will not have to be the legacy of our children.

I hope you continue to write more songs that bring these issues to light . Thanks for the NYA and future releases. -Gareth.”

Neil shot back, “Thanks Gareth. Do all you can. Set high goals. People will tell you they are impossible to reach, especially politicians other than Bernie. He is so right that the others say he is wrong. That is telling. SHOOT FOR THE RIGHT GOAL, EVERYTHING YOU THINK WE NEED TO DO! Support Bernie Sanders. love, Neil.” Neil Young ‘refusing’ a David Gilmour demand was just revealed.