Angus Young Rips AC/DC Singer: ‘We Got Rid Of Him’


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young and his late brother and bandmate Malcolm Young’s rare Classic Rock magazine interview was published online for the first time, and the pair brutally ripped former singer Dave Evans when the interviewer brought up seeing a flyer for Evans performing with his backing group, the tribute band Overdose. An AC/DC family member revealed why a major reunion tour was canceled yesterday.

Angus Young [sounding slightly irritated]: How many bands has he f**kin’ got?

Malcolm Young: Every time we go back to Australia there’s something in the local paper about, ‘I made the band AC/DC into what they are’ [cackles dryly]. The day we fuckin’ got rid of him, that’s the day the band started. How we got rid of him is quite a good story. We were playing at this pub in Melbourne.

Dave was almost like Gary Glitter in the gear he’d insist on wearing. It was ridiculous. All these hard-nosed, beer-drinking Aussies were after him, so we told him to go for a walk for ten minutes and we’d play a boogie number. But it went on for half an hour and the place was rockin’. After that we realised that we didn’t need a singer.

Angus: No, we realised we didn’t need that singer! Actually, to call him a singer is being a bit polite.

Angus Young calling out AC/DC breakup rumors was revealed earlier this week. AC/DC fans discussed Angus Young possibly retiring in a new topic. FLACDC posted, “Angus will retire when he’s in the ground. I’ve no doubt we’ll see Ang again, but I’m sure as hell questioning the return of AC/DC as we (sorta) know it.”

Briany responded, “Angus never had kids and if he has major interests beyond music, they’re not well publicised. They say retirement is the biggest killer because a lot of retired lapse into inactivity and lose their purpose. Obviously not something any of us want to see happen to Angus.

So, on that basis, I don’t think any of us could really begrudge him continuing AC/DC in whatever form. On the other hand, if the lineup is altered to a degree that he cannot get the same satisfaction out of it, it may be hard for him to want to continue. There aren’t really any easy answers to this. Hopefully whatever Angus decides is whatever makes him the happiest, given the circumstances.”