Angus Young Rips Big Name For Rejecting AC/DC Tour


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young’s vintage Classic Rock magazine interview has been published online for the first time, and he revealed why Glasgow had banned them from performing on a past tour, along with Liverpool Stadium. An AC/DC icon revealed a miserable Brian Johnson photo last week.

AC/DC were rejected from Glasgow after the Sex Pistols’ received backlash for shaming Bill Grundy, and AC/DC fans themselves had destroyed City Hall after a performance by the band.

“Never mind, they’ll open up again to us when they’re losing money,” Angus Young surmised pragmatically about the other ban from Liverpool Stadium.

Young also discussed the themes and fun nature of AC/DC songs. “Look, there’s not much seriousness in it. It’s just rock’n’roll. Chew it up and spit it out. If you look at it this way, most of the kids in the street talk like that.

It’s the language of the clubs that we heard when we started off in Australia; same when we came here, in places like the Marquee. Kids would be swearin’ their heads off. They don’t say, ‘Turn it up…’; they say, ‘FUCKING TURN IT UP!’ We’re as subtle as what they are.

“As far as radio stations go, you can turn on the radio and you wouldn’t like to hear your songs on the radio anyhow, cos it’s in there with Barry White playing his Love Unlimited bollocks. That’s a bit degradin’ for us.”

An AC/DC member ripped a terrible Robert Plant performance last week. ReillyLives posted unseen Bon Scott AC/DC video from 1979 on, “This show from Sept 8, 1979 was posted back in August. Don’t know if folks have seen it: Not Bon’s best night as he introduces Problem Child before they do Sin City, he almost bumps into Angus and falls down during Bad Boy Boogie. And Angus needs help from the roadies and Bon to get back on stage at one point. Ah, life on the road. Still, a Bon show I’ve never seen is always a rare treat for any fan here. Especially, for me, hearing Bon do my favorite AC/DC song: Shot Down in Flames.”

An AC/DC member was called an ‘alcoholic’ by his wife last week. KC/DC commented on the show, “I think the main thing is that ‘shake a leg’ is quite an unusual thing to say in that context – don’t think I’ve heard any singer say that to a crowd before. It could be a complete coincidence or it could be that the phrase was in Bon’s mind at the time. It could have been a title that the Young brothers had because they came up with a lot of the titles. I think hearing this just suggests that maybe ‘Shake A Leg’ was floating around as a song idea/title while Bon was around – whether it came from him or the brothers. And the timing is just right – just before they made BIB.”

You can read the full interview at Louder Sound.