Ozzy Osbourne Home Allegedly Raided For Drugs


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne revealed on The Talk on Thursday that she allegedly raided his room at home for drug pills and alcohol. An Ozzy Osbourne money ‘disaster’ was revealed yesterday.

“With Ozzy, he used to hide his alcohol and pills from me. So I used to spend a lot of time looking for ’em. And I found out where he kept his alcohol — that was in the oven, ’cause I never used it. And his pills he used to put in the socks. You know when you fold socks and put them in the drawer.

They were in his socks. And so I used to go in and do a midnight raid, commando-style, and get all the stuff. And then, a couple of weeks went by, and we’d spend an awful long time in his dressing room… And then after about a month, I came in with a big tray and said, ‘Are you looking for this?'”

Ozzy Osbourne’s terrible drug being stolen by a bandmate was recently revealed. Tony Iommi said in Kokkola, Finland a few days ago during a Q&A session that he is open to one off Black Sabbath reunion shows. “We may — I don’t know — do a one-off or something, but [we’re] never touring again. Cause we’re at the age now — we retired, but I’m still gonna play. But to tour the world like we were — we did an 18-month tour, the last one was. It’s a long time to be out and away from home and your friends and family. So if we do do anything, it would be very short.”

Ozzy Osbourne is hoping to resume his ‘No More Tours 2’ in Feburary 2020 after being forced to delay touring plans this year due to numerous health issues. Black Sabbath retired in 2017 after a lengthy world tour, with Geezer Butler recently joining the supergroup Deadland Ritual and playing with Audioslave at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show in January in Los Angeles. Ozzy Osbourne recently made a bold drug demand at a hospital.