Eddie Van Halen Family Reveal Sad Michael Anthony Demand


Eddie Van Halen‘s ex-brother-in-law David Bertinelli, who is still very close to Eddie, recently uploaded rare Michael Anthony photos, and said he wanted a better copy of one. Eddie Van Halen disease ‘concern’ was revealed yesterday.

Bertinelli tweeted, “Outtake from a shoot I did for @Ampeg back in 1990. Carted a bunch amps, @RealMadAnthony and a crew to a dry lake bed. #nophotoshop #nofilter @GregRenoff #vanhalen.”

“iPhone copy of a proof sheet from a photo shoot at 5150. Kinda rare to get a photo of Al, Mike and Ed all behind the board. @GregRenoff Retweet with the photo correction.”

“The above was B&W Tri-X negative pushed to 1600 ASA, the color shot of Mike Anthony posted earlier was shot on 4×5 Fujichrome, so , I shot both positive and negative.”

“It seemed like they were always laying down tracks. On a different roll from the same session there’s a shot of Donn Landee, so they probably were recording; can’t remember what is was though.”

A ‘worse’ than cancer Eddie Van Halen claim was revealed a couple of days ago. “It was convenient using C-41 to process Ilford, didn’t use it much. Kinda stuck with Tri-X or Plus-X. I enjoyed experimenting with Infared B&W and Polaroid B&W 35mm, though the Polaroid was very fragile.”

“It’s a cool shot, unfortunately the only version available right now is in negative or off the proof sheet. I also have some sweet shots of Andy Johns at 5150’s board.”

“Thank you and yes I did. Two days of location scouting and we got fortunate with the weather. The clouds give a bit of depth to the shot.”

“@bombsfix Here’s another shot I did for @Ampeg with @RealMadAnthony at LAPD electrical substation. Shot on Polaroid B&W 35mm. Pretty cool system cause we could process the film on location. @GregRenoff.” Green Day revealed a heartbreaking Eddie Van Halen photo a few days ago.