Bono Reacts To U2 Fan Throwing Bottle At Him


It was not such a beautiful day when U2 frontman Bono got this piece of paraphernalia, believed to be a bottle thrown at him during a concert in 2001 from Boston. This image was uploaded from U2 superfan techlover22 via the U2 subreddit. Bono ‘heckled’ by U2 fans for angry remark.

As you can see Bono is reacting quite accordingly as one Reddit user pointed out: “The backward peace sign [that Bono is doing] is used in Ireland and the UK to mean “**** off.” It’s like the middle finger, but it’s a bit more subtle.”

In other U2 and Bono news, fans recently took to the same and aforementioned subreddit for the group to discuss one of U2’s signature album’s ‘Boy’ and one user, in particular, wondered why some believe that album to ‘have mistakes’.

Axsel_ said: “Why do people think “Boy” has some mistakes? I have no idea why they say that it’s my favorite album and I don’t see any absence, i love all the tracks of the entire album.”

Bono called ‘liar’ by U2 fans for disrespect at concert. Another fan of U2 replied: “There’s a lot of production “mistakes” that we’ve grown accustomed through on that album, and that’s nothing new of things recorded in the ’80s. No take was ever really “perfect” so they leave into takes where everyone sooner the best even if there were a few “mishaps” that sounded cool. But that’s what people tend to like with music, making it feel more realistic and relatable – even though production has trended towards “needs to sound perfect” ever since then.”

While another user, Turgon19 replied: “I think it’s one of their best albums, but the sound production does feel very low and Bono’s vocals were very… different back then. I think he still sounds good and it fits the youthful energy of the album though. I guess those are the reasons why they see it like that.” Bono confirms ‘the end’ for U2 after huge tour.