Bono Throws Down Instrument At Sad U2 Concert


Ultra Violet? More like Ultra Violent. Bono, frontman of the hit group U2 was accused of allegedly throwing an instrument at an audience member in the crowd by a user on Twitter who attended the event. The instrument was identified as a harmonica and this so-called event happened during one of the group’s latest stops on their Joshua Tree tour. However, it didn’t take long for fans to point out that this Twitter accuser had more than a few holes in his story. U2 recently revealed why Bono ‘blew it’ with Freddie Mercury.

Fellow Twitter user Dream Out Loud questioned: “At or To?” whereas U2 superfan Justin Jolly asked a similar question. “At someone or to someone?” In addition, another fan echoed these sentiments as Gerard Hellendoorn stated “At or to? There’s a difference”

Bono was recently driven to tears at heartbreaking U2 concert. By then it was clear that the original accuser was stuck in a moment that he couldn’t get out of and made a very unceremonious correction where they put: “Sorry ‘to’ someone.” Letting us all know that U2 threw his harmonica to somebody to the crowd that night and not at them.

In other Bono and U2 related news, the group announced and released their latest single entitled Ahimsa and fans have reacted to the news via the band’s official Facebook page. Bono was recently stunned by U2 fan rushing stage in video.

Giorgos stated: “The intro’s beautiful guitar tune strongly reminds [me of] TUF [The Unforgettable Fire] times. The meaning of the song is really kind also, Bono’s voice still amazing and deep, but you can’t sing about peace and at the same time support EU policies, which creates or supports war situations and poverty against the people. Anyway, a very good song. U2 songs used to be liked at the same time you heard a song (until AB) [Achtung Baby], then the song had to grow one you and then appreciate it, because of its uniqueness (until Pop and in some at ATYCLB [All That You Can’t Leave Behind]), then U2’s songs were just… Good (until SOE) [Songs of Experience]. This song falls to the second category.