Bono Viciously Booed By U2 Fans At Concert


The very politically charged U2 frontman, Bono was given a mixed reception of cheers and boos towards the end of U2’s set during the group’s most recent show in the Philipines. According to one Twitter user, it had to do with some fans who weren’t too fond of the ‘social message’ that Bono was representing. During the concert, Bono brought up admiration for journalists such as the Filipino-American Maria A. Ressa who is best known for co-founding Rappler as its CEO. Bono recently apologizes for this horrible U2 show mistake.

Bono looked sad at a restaurant in a new photo. Ressa previously spent nearly two decades working as a lead investigative reporter in Southeast Asia for CNN. Ressa, an outspoken critic of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, her arrest was seen by the international journalistic community as a politically motivated act by the latter’s government. Her mention by the U2 singer drew the mixed reaction from the Filipino crowd, no-doubt from some of those who were defenders of the Filipino president, Rodrigo Duterte.

Fellow Twitter users and U2 superfans had their say about this incident with one going: “I don’t think the fans are jeering at the concept of Human Rights & Press Freedom, just the inclusion of Maria Ressa there.

Brad Pitt looked ‘miserable’ at a U2 show not too long ago. While another fan said: “I was pissed at the mediocrity. The guy can’t sing live. I had to drag my husband who watched three U2 concerts and didn’t want to watch again saying they are overrated cause my daughter can’t make it cause my exams. Turns out my husband was right.”