Gene Simmons Caught Using ‘Wheelchair’ At Market


KISS and Gene Simmons superfan sycorange got the shock of his life when he saw, what many could describe as the ‘surprise of a lifetime.’ In something that you just don’t see every day or any day The Twitter user describes how he was just doing his normal grocery shopping only to see, coming out of nowhere, iconic KISS bassist Gene Simmons riding in a motorized scooter wheelchair, pushing a younger girl. Gene Simmons ‘loses voice’ in awful leaked video.

The user tweeted the following to document the ordeal: “I’m not shitting you, I’m going through one of my stores and Gene Simmons comes around the corner driving a woman in the basket of a wheelchair.” It certainly appears that Simmons was ready to ‘shop all night for his grocery day”.

Gene Simmons ‘looks like woman’ in KISS show photo. In other news regarding Gene Simmons and the ‘hottest band in the land’ fans recently took to the KISSFaq fan forum to discuss and debate what they felt was the most active year in KISS history. Kisscandinavia kicked things off by asking: “Which was the most active year in Kisstory? The year when they had only few days off from work. It must have been either 1976 or 1977? What do you think? I guess that 1996 was a quite busy year for them too.”

To which douloveme responded: “To me, it’s 1978. Four solo albums, Double Platinum, A movie, Second comic book, Touring (Japan and USA), plus probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. 1978 was just a huge year for the band.

While Hotter than Heck had their opinions stating: “Any of the first few years were extremely busy, tons of music & shows. 1974 might have been their busiest year just due to the crazy (ie – literally insane) tour itinerary. They slogged a ton of miles on tour for the debut & Hotter Than Hell.” Gene Simmons ‘gains muscle’ in new leaked photo.