Slipknot Mask Stolen Onstage At Brutal Concert


Slipknot guitarist Jim Root revealed that he wore a mask onstage that was taken from the Grammy Museum at the Golden God Awards in a new WMMR interview. He said he was performing with Stone Sour so he didn’t have his mask, and needed one for when Slipknot presented an award onstage. A Slipknot member cried after a terrible firing rumor.

“We were doing in-stores sometimes – a lot of the in-stores we did in the early days, in 2000 and when we first came to Europe and Australia and all that – it would be 5,000 or 6,000 people, you were there for 7-8 hours at a time, pissing in bottles underneath the table, singing, it was nuts, it was like a miniature version of Beatlemania or something.

We did the Golden Gods Awards and we got to hand an award to Lemmy, and I didn’t have a mask – I was in Stone Sour at the time, we were playing that event – so they grabbed one of my masks from the Grammy Museum next door, this place is in LA, and I had started growing my beard, it was pretty long, and I put that mask on it, and then I saw pictures of it and I was, like, ‘I got to figure that out.'”

Corey Taylor recently revealed the sad reason he had to break up with his wife. Taylor recently discussed performing live in a Kevin McCarthy interview. “For me, it’s about trying to get as close to that album as possible, or maybe even beating that performance. As far as things taking on different meanings and perspectives, the good thing about the audience being right there singing it back at you, it gives you maybe a more positive bent on it. It take you out of that negative headspace where you maybe wrote some of that stuff, and a lot of the crazy stuff that was going on in your head, and it makes you feel like you can share it with them.

Corey Taylor recently revealed who made out with Paul Stanley. Taylor added, “When you see them singing those words back at you, you know it’s not [for] the same reason, but they feel it just as much as you do, so that becomes almost like this sense of sonic empathy, where you’re sharing with each other… It helps carry the burden. It helps take that off of you, and it encourages you to entertain and share it even more.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Jim Root’s remarks.