Corey Taylor Trips At Slipknot Show After Vicious Attack


Corey Taylor suffered a bad trip at a Slipknot show last night, and it was caught on camera. Taylor likely had a lot on his mind, as his fiance Alicia Dove unloaded after suffering sad attacks on social media on Friday. Slipknot masks were banned at a recent show.

Corey Taylor tweeted, “My fiancé doesn’t deserve this. She’s one of the best people I’ve ever known, and if these trolls had HALF the class and heart she had, they’d be better people for it. I know I’M a better person for it. Well, I’ve got her back. Love you ❤️🔪.”

The new Slipknot member was unmasked onstage in a new video. Alicia said on her social media, “I’m gonna be taking a step away from social media for a while, maybe forever… who knows. Thinking maybe I’ll have someone run it for me, maybe not. Just kind of at a loss right now.

I’m tired. I’m tired of people sending me screenshots of terrible things people say about me on IG, Twitter, YouTube, FB, and Reddit: that I’m a gold-digging homewrecking whore who is using Corey for financial and professional gain and nothing more. That I’m the death of him, and that I’ve changed him for the worse. I’m tired of blocking trolls only for them to keep creating new accounts to come back. I’m tired of ignoring them only to allow them to spread disgusting rumors. I’m done.

I refuse to let the ugliness of others try to ruin my relationship, just because they’re bizarrely obsessed with people they don’t even know. Social media has truly brought out the worst in people, and has given anonymous cowards a voice to tear others down with abhorrent claims and zero truth.
I hope if you have a platform, you use it for good. I hope that if you have any kind of social media, that you use it to bring great minds and ideas together for better things. That’s really all, I guess.

I’ll be fulfilling the last of the merch orders tonight- so if you haven’t received yours yet, this is me letting you know that it’s coming. Thank you for the support. A special thank you to everyone who was cool and kind to me when you didn’t have to be – you have no idea how dark it’s been.” Chris Fehn’s wife recently appeared to take shots at Corey Taylor and M. Shawn Crahan.

Corey Stumbling from r/Slipknot