Slipknot Masks Banned At Concert For Awful Reason


A Slipknot fan named Mike has revealed that masks are banned from the band’s show on Saturday at the BB&T Pavilion. A Slipknot wife recently called out Corey Taylor ‘lies.’

Mike asked a BB&T representative, “Hi, I am attending the Slipknot show on the 31st. I spent a couple of weeks making a mask. It’s made out of leather and has no sharp or hard protrusions. Will I be allowed to bring it?”

The representative answered, “Hello Mike, we are not allowing masks for our Slipknot show this Saturday.”

Mike responded, “Well that’s annoying.”

The new Slipknot member was unmasked in a live video a couple of days ago. BulletImperium commented on Reddit, “It may be annoying, but it’s definitely understandable from a safety perspective. If everyone who went to the arena wore a mask anybody could get away with anything and be hard to track down. Sucks, but I do underatand why some arenas don’t allow the masks.”

TheTattedspyder said, “Yeah, I get the need for precautions, but a blanket ban seems a bit excessive.”

BulletImperium wrote, “Yeah, unfortunately times are changing for the worse. People getting attacked on stage, shot on stage (rip dime), terrorist attacks at an Ariana Grande concert in my home town, full of children. They have to take every precaution they can these days because of the few bad apples. Not saying any maggots are these types of people, but to most arenas health and safety procedures allowing people to have their face covered up is a nope I’d assume.

Also whoever downvoted this comment if yours is a moron. It’s a conversation, your comment contributed to the conversation. Downvote isn’t for a comment you dislike people, come on.” The new Slipknot member ‘Tortilla Man’ had his identity reportedly confirmed by his mother earlier this week.