Creed Member Makes Emotional Scott Stapp Call


Scott Stapp revealed that former Creed bandmate Mark Tremonti called him last month amidst rumors of a Creed reunion. Scott Stapp recently revealed an eerie Scott Weiland secret.

He told Metal Works, “About a month ago I spent about an hour on the phone with Mark [Tremonti, guitar] just catching up. Our relationship right now is positive, but as he is, I’m really really just passionate about what I’m doing with my solo career and this new music, and I’m really focused on that, as he is, with his other endeavors.

So whenever there is an announcement to make on the Creed scenario, we will make sure to let everybody know. But right now, there’s nothing to say except relationships are positive, which is always a good thing, and we’re both focused on other things.”

The interviewer said, “I know how passionate you are about Creed. I know that when you all released the last record [2009’s ‘Full Circle’], you said, ‘We’re not doing another record unless we tour behind it.'”

“Not only that, it was, ‘I’m not just gonna do a tour unless we make a record.’ That was it, I wanted it to be organic and I am passionate about Creed, that’s never left. And it was important for me that we come back – not just with the reunion tour, but with a new record, and that’s always gonna be important to me.

Anytime there’s any talks of us doing anything, like I said, right now the sole focus is this and there’s no new announcements on the Creed outside of ‘relationships are good.'”

Scott Stapp previously described a surprising phone call from a Creed bandmate after his drug meltdown. Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Stapp’s comments.