Dave Grohl Quitting After Horrible Performance Revealed


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has played in some great bands, but according to longtime producer and engineer Barrett Jones in a Foo Fighters Reddit AMA, Grohl quit as guitarist of his first band and switched to drums after a less than stellar first performance in a recording studio. Foo Fighters made a cancer announcement with The Who yesterday.

DannyDevitosLeftBoob asked, “How did you and Dave come to know each other?”

Jones answered, “I met Dave when he was 14 and came to my studio to record with his first band ‘Freak Baby.’ He was on guitar and they were not that great, but a few months later they came back and Dave had switched to Drums and they changed their name to ‘Mission Impossible’ and I was blown away by how good and fast he was on the drums!

Later after I moved out of my folks house at 18 and rented a house with a bunch of friends, he joined ‘Dain Bramage’ with my room mate Reuben Radding and they rehearsed in the house, and we became good friends.”

Howard Stern revealed why Dave Grohl is better than Kurt Cobain a few days ago. sloanchrisr asked Jones, “Hi Barrett. I’m a vocalist for a local Seattle band called Mercy Parker. What advice can you give musicians when it comes to recording a record on a budget? Most bands need to be cognizant of a budget. What areas would you concentrate on the most? Song selection? Pre-production? Finding the right producer for the material?”

Jones responded, “I get it, we all need to be cognizant of budget, But I highly recommend finding and working with a producer and/or studio that has experience and has done work that you like. Producers have a great wealth of knowledge and experience and most importantly have an outside ear (not too close to the music) and can be objective.” Foo Fighters revealed a Led Zeppelin ripoff last week.