Dave Grohl Stunned By Brutal Prince Death Secret


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were interviewed by Guilherme Guedes earlier this week, and Grohl was asked about Prince’s secret vault that was opened after he died, and if Foo Fighters have a similar vault, especially after their recent surprise EP releases. Alternative Nation transcribed their remarks. Dave Grohl revealed earlier this year why Foo Fighters covering Prince ‘made no sense.’

Guilherme Guedes: So you guys have been releasing EP’s with old recordings. Do you guys have a Foo Fighters vault like Prince did?

Taylor Hawkins: I had no idea that was even coming out.

Dave Grohl: Someone else is doing it, we’re bootlegging ourselves. No, for every record we make, there are usually 3, 4 or 10 ideas that we never use, so there’s a lot. So those songs, you probably won’t even remember, the song Seda, do you remember that?

Taylor: Kind of, yeah yeah. He’s talking about the concert we went out to go with the Area 51 [thing].

Dave Grohl was recently spotted in a ridiculous car. Foo Fighters covered Arcade Fire on their 01070725 EP, released last week. The EP features “Keep the Car Running – Live at BBC Radio 1’s Six Weeks of Summer” and “Holiday In Cambodia – Live from the 2007 MTV Music Awards” which is a Dead Kennedys cover.

“If Ever” and the demo version of “Come Alive” from the Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace sessions was also featured, along with “Seda.” Foo Fighters are currently working on a new album, with an expected 2020 release. Foo Fighters recently dropped a Dave Grohl quitting bombshell.