Dave Grohl Takes Off Shirt In Pool With Famous Woman


Good Guy Dave Grohl took awesome pool photo with In This Moment stage manager Jessica Hill over Labor Day weekend while cooking Backbeat BBQ for friends in Dallas, Texas. Dave Grohl made a bold Kurt Cobain demand at a recent concert.

whiskeydickband posted on social media, “Wow what a mind blowing day!! So many kickass folks/ friends all getting together to Light it up for Dime at The Fortress 1,2, BBQ style!!! HUGE THANKS to #RitaHaney and crew, #DaveGrohl #BackbeatBBQ Nick Bowcott for making everything an experience that we will forever be high from!!! We’re so grateful and honored to play at the most Holiest of Metal Sanctums!!! Best Fucking Stage there ever will be!!! There are simply no words to describe how much we appreciate days like today! Hell YeeHaw BIG LUV 🤘🏼❤️🤘🏼”

Dave Grohl revealed last week who “Everlong” ripped off. chefbkalman said, “Amazing weekend in #Dallas cooking for great people @backbeatbbq @ridefordimeofficial @dimebagzhag #davegrohl #foofighters really appreciate the help @chefjohntesar @ryansbarnett @44farms @44jason @mae_bar86 #myboyblue @monsterenergy @whiskeydickband #bbq #pitmaster #meat #ridefordimebash2019 @panteraofficial #333 #topchef #rockandroll #metalhead.”

shawneea23 wrote, “Ride for Dime was a hit! and @backbeatbbq was amazing! I’m not saying that just because it’s Dave Grohl’s cooking either. It was fantastic! What an honor to meet the man himself. Thank you Dave!”

44jason chimed in, “What an amazing couple of days to get to hang out with great people and cook for a great event @dimebagdarrell’s. Thank you @chefjohntesar, @chefbkalman, & @backbeatbbq (Dave) for having me come along for the fun. Can’t wait for the next time.” Dave Grohl revealed why Foo Fighters got booed last week in an interview.

  • Tony May

    NO WAY! He took off his shirt before he got in the pool!!! Like who does that WOW why is this article not viral like…. he took his WHOLE t shirt off before jumping in a swimming pool! I will never forget this day, what a brave soul, mind blown ive never seen or even heard of such a thing. Once again Brett youre obviously a genius in this field of work you have chosen because every headline and article you create have me and obviously many other people in disbelief of what they just read . Ohhh and don’t get me started about the “famous women” the headline reads. The one and only stage manager Jessica hill ladies and gentleman. You dont get much more famous that her, look tf out Beyonce you got some mad competition in fame here with Jessica Hill, stage manager!

    • TheForestWillEchoWithLaughter

      LOL… that was awesome!