Metallica Singer ‘Chugs’ Beer With Dave Mustaine In Photo


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney recently shared a rare photo of James Hetfield with a full pitcher of beer drinking with David Mustaine from 1982. A Metallica icon called out an awful Dave Mustaine lie last week.

McGovney tweeted, “My dad’s ’69 Ford pickup and a rental trailer in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Not an easy place to drive. Fun though.” McGovney also made a sad Metallica money revelation last week.

Metallica’s Reload celebrated its 22nd anniversary on Monday, with fans looking back at the Load and Reload eras on Reddit to celebrate.

Dmkolobanov posted, “Far from my favorite album (in fact I’d say it’s probably my least favorite), but it still has its moments. Fuel, Memory, Devil’s Dance, Bad Seed, Prince Charming, and Fixxxer definitely kick ass.”

Politicalstuff responded, “That is pretty close to my list from this album, too. I like elements of most of the others, but not as much.”

Dmkolobanov wrote, “I agree with that. The Unforgiven II and Where the Wild Things Are would be the 2 songs that I think are okay, but there’s just something about them that keeps me from really liking them.

Then there’s songs like Better Than You, Slither, Carpe Diem Baby, and Attitude, which just suck. Those songs are worse than the majority of St. Anger.”

Politicalstuff chimed in, “I wouldn’t go that far, lol. But yeah, most of those are the weaker songs, but I will admit on a more recent re-listen I think they came off better. At least they have catchy groovy riffs at points.

There is something about the aesthetic and feel of the whole album I don’t like though. Load felt like a cowboy badass strutting around. ReLoad just feels depressing and bleak and decayed. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was intentional, but I just don’t like the way it feels.” A Metallica member revealed what was ‘stolen’ from him after his departure last week.