Metallica Icon ‘Turns Down’ Dave Mustaine Reunion


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney discussed rejecting an offer to do a full scale reunion set with Dave Mustaine in 2011. In December 2011, Jason Newsted also reunited with Metallica for special 30th anniversary performances. A Metallica icon chugged beer with Dave Mustaine in a newly unearthed photo.

“My 1982 Washburn B-20 bass and I posing with the @Metallica boys in 2011. I don’t know when I have felt more out of place in my life.”

He added, “It wasn’t them , it was me. They made me feel welcome , but the thought went through my mind that they are the biggest metal band in the world. Big-time stage fright. I was supposed to play all the songs with Dave , but I couldn’t do it. My mind went blank and I said no.”

Lars Ulrich and Eddie Vedder did a major corporate gig last week. A fan named Malak responded, “It’s Understandable Ron. I guess anyone in your place would’ve felt the same. But I hope you’re also proud of yourself for being a part of such a popular band. Every metalhead knows who you are, we admire and respect you.”

Another fan named Met Rhino said, “I’ve seen Metallica live over 40 times but I would kill to have seen you guys in the early days. Ron, you laid the foundation and should be hugely proud.”

RT Long told McGovney, “Very understandable. I was in the first row of their concert here in Kansas City and I just kept looking up at them like wow that’s really the biggest rock star in the world James Hetfield 2 feet from me.” Metallica’s ex-bassist unloaded on a ripoff after his departure recently.