David Gilmour Performs For ‘Small Crowd’ In Sad Photo


Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour‘s spouse, the unrivaled Polly Sampson recently took to social media via Instagram to showcase this emotional photograph of her husband, Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour playing the guitar next to her in the great outdoors. You can view it below. David Gilmour wife ‘caught’ with Robert Plant in photo.

In other David Gilmour news, fans recently took to social media to discuss the impactful legacy of his self titled solo album. One reviewer exclaimed: “In 1978 David Gilmour was still the lead guitarist and (best) vocalist in Pink Floyd. This was the year between Animals and The Wall and Gilmour took the opportunity to record an album of material that was closer to his musical soul than the introspective and darker songs written by Roger Waters as he eventually took over Pink Floyd. Gilmour’s guitar solos have always captivated Floyd fans and as you imagine, there is a heavy dose on this debut album.”

David Gilmour ‘cancels’ huge Pink Floyd reunion show. The fan continued: “Gilmour has a recognizable voice from the more melodic Floyd songs but it’s his distinctive guitar work that is the attraction here. Soaring one moment and bluesy the next; it’s always immediately recognizable as David Gilmour. The songwriting is better than say “On an Island” which was his most recent release. The Pink Floyd-ish sound apparent on much of this record is more a testament to his influence on the band’s sound more than his attempt to just copy Pink Floyd. It becomes obvious listening to this music that had Roger Waters allowed the band to bring all of the member’s creative talents together; Pink Floyd would have continued to make great music for years to come. Gilmour’s (and Richard Wright’s) influence was reduced on each record after Dark Side.”

The fan concluded: “There are nine songs on this 2006 re-master. Highlights include “Mihalis”, “There’s No Way Out of Here”, “Short and Sweet” and “Raise My Rent”. Least favorite moment is “Deafinitely” which is a Jeff Beck style jazz-rock fusion piece that mises the mark a bit. If you are a Pink Floyd fan, there is no way you won’t like this record. It’s better than any post-Roger Waters Pink Floyd record and yet not as good as their 70’s hay-day period. But, it’s still really good.” Roger Waters announces David Gilmour ‘replacement’ news.