Eddie Van Halen Disgusting Alcohol Bombshell Revealed


Eddie Van Halen was a notorious drinker before getting clean and sober, and Sammy Hagar said this was evident when he first went to the studio with Van Halen in 1985 after replacing David Lee Roth in a new Classic Rock Magazine interview. An ‘angry’ Eddie Van Halen cancer phone called leaked a couple days ago.

“Oh, I can tell you exactly what it was like. At that stage I had a good career going, I was wealthy, I was eating in the finest restaurants and wearing the finest fucking clothes, I was driving Ferraris. I was becoming a little too sophisticated – it was killing my music. Whereas those guys were living a completely different lifestyle.

Long story short, I walked in that room and these guys had cigarette butts and empty beer cans and whiskey bottles everywhere, multi-thousand-dollar guitars lying upside-down on the ground. And it stunk like shit because of the smoke. Eddie comes walking out with a pair of sunglasses, jeans with holes in them, just outta bed, cracking a beer and smoking a cigarette. Alex was still drunk. [Michael Anthony] hadn’t even been home.

They’d been up all night waiting for me. I’m looking at these guys, then I’m looking at myself in a suit, and I go: ‘I look like a fucking idiot. This is a real rock’n’roll band.'”

Eddie Van Halen’s ‘goodbye’ note to a bandmate recently surfaced. Van Halen fans on VHLinks.com threw out the idea of David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony reuniting for a tour after the original lineup Van Halen reunion fell apart this year.

Cav posted, “Roth – John 5 – Michael Anthony. I would love to see these guys do a tour
John 5 is an amazing guitarist & Roth & Michael Anthony are WAAY overdue to play together again. I think it would be a fun theatre tour. Possibly Ray Luzier on the drums.”

RRVH1 responded, “I don’t see Mike playing with Dave and leaving Sammy, other than in VH proper, and we know how those plans worked out. As much as Roth has said he misses those vocals, I highly doubt Anthony is chomping at the bit to sit in for a theater run with him. And Mike has no doubt seen & heard the same clips we have…”

Eddie Van Halen’s family revealed a painful cancer secret recently. Little Dreamer chimed in, “There’s always the question of the first step. DLR would have to make the call, and these guys have big egos. A one off appearance for just one song seems more of a possibility, if even that.”

I Coulda Had VH suggested, “Dave and Mike have never been close. On the other hand, Dave did make a donation when Mike’s grandson tragically passed away back in 2017. Also, Dave publicly lobbied for Mike’s return to Van Halen. I still don’t see it happening.”

You can read the full Sammy Hagar interview at Louder Sound.