Maynard James Keenan Cancels Tool Show For Awful Reason


Tool members Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor were forced to cancel the band’s third show in San Diego on Monday, reportedly due to low ticket sales.

A statement said, “Due to a scheduling conflict, the Tool show planned for Monday, January 13 at Viejas Arena is now cancelled. Refunds will be issued at the point of purchase.”

CircleOfN9ne posted on Reddit, “It was probably canceled because tickets weren’t selling.” ClevelandSteamer81 said, “Half the arena was still for sale. Three days was overkill I think.” Shartpulp chimed in, “Lol I told my friends there are still tickets available and their reply was ‘yeah probably shitty seats’ lmao the whole bowl is empty except the first 3 rows..”

Maynard James Keenan’s ‘depressing’ Tool rant leaked yesterday. Ihnairb wrote, “Yeah… sounds like they are doing anything and everything to rake in the cash on this one. Wasn’t always like this but I dont care either way. Go for it just makes me think that this might be the end of Tool.” Fredo96993 said, “Not really the band’s choice, the promoter’s fault for telling them they could manage 3 and then getting it wrong.”

GrabsJoker posted VIP tickets advice to Tool fans, “There’s a lot of reviews of VIP experiences here. I suggest reading through them. In short, get in line early if you want front and center. Wear comfy shoes because there’s a lot of waiting around. You won’t get a poster as part of the ticket, but you’ll likely get early access to them (unsigned), and probably first in line for signed ones. Maynard won’t sign your bottle, don’t bring it.”

Hush_1984 said, “They hand out tickets based on the order of the line for check in. So the first guy in line (who told me he showed up at 9:30am) got front row center. And then they work toward the outside. Basically if you care about front row get there early (first 42 got front row for Boston).

Otherwise, it probably doesnt matter. VIP wont have a bad seat (first 1-5 rows based on group size), but front row is awesome cause you have a little extra space to lean forward on the rail, and of course you are FRONT F**KING ROW.” Maynard James Keenan and Tool’s massive October tour paycheck was revealed a few days ago.