Eddie Van Halen Stunning Comeback Show Photo Revealed


Eddie Van Halen was recently photographed backstage at a concert with Tool guitarist Adam Jones, and despite rumors that he is battling throat cancer, he seemed anything but miserable and on his death bed, flashing a huge smile and giving a thumbs up. A photo previously surfaced of Eddie taking a photo of a fan in the audience. This is the first time Eddie has been photographed backstage at a show since Van Halen’s final performance at the Hollywood Bowl in October 2015. Eddie Van Halen’s wife revealed if there is a family cancer diagnosis yesterday.

Van Halen’s ex-brother-in-law Patrick Bertinelli shared the backstage Tool show photo. Bertinelli wrote, “Oh, and this happened… these guys and I got to see Adam’s box. #toolband #rocknroll #adamjones #eddievanhalen #guitar #greats.”

Wolfgang Van Halen recently unloaded on a claim about the day Michael Anthony was fired from Van Halen. ArtyBoy wrote about Wolfgang and Anthony on VHLinks.com, “The difference in Mike and his replacement is, Mike was going to community college and thinking about a career working with disabled kids (which would’ve been very noble and shows what kind of guy he is).

He narrowly missed having a 9-5 job and middle class life like everybody else, and he’s never taken it for granted. He’s got a smile on his face every single time you see him, and you hear it in his performance.

The replacement can hit the notes, but he doesn’t have that driven zeal. I doubt he’s created a Monster account and tried sending out 1,000 resumes, hoping for a job that pays $15 an hour. If he did, it might pep up his performance a little.” Eddie Van Halen cancer disrespect by a famous director and actor was revealed earlier this week.