Eddie Van Halen Wife Reveals Disease: ‘It’s Not Cancer’


Eddie Van Halen has been fighting throat cancer again according to TMZ, and his lovely wife Janie has revealed that she had her own cancer scare recently. Fortunately, she has just received great news from her doctor that she doesn’t have cancer, though Janie does have ‘abnormal nodules’ on her thyroid. Eddie Van Halen was disrespected by an A-list director, actor, and producer yesterday.

“For the past few years my doctor has been monitoring abnormal nodules on my thyroid. Yesterday I was finally cleared and told they have not grown/changed and are not cancerous. I am so relieved and grateful. #ThankfulThursday.”

Chris Burns tweeted Janie, “That’s great news! Happy for you.! I received news three months ago from my chiropractor via x-rays that mine is very enlarged. I’ve yet to visit my doctor. Not sure I want to know. Hope you have an extra awesome day!”

Janie responded, “It’s important to find things early and take care of them before they get really bad. Please go see your doctor!!!!”

A Van Halen icon discussed a horrible cancer loss a few days ago. Deb Ryan told Janie, “YEAH!!! I am so glad for you! It is so wonderful to get good news about our health! I totally value my health! I will say as I went through my 20’s & 30’s, I may have not taken great precautions, but now in my 50’s I work hard at it daily, eating right, exercising, sleeping!”

Bonnie Schnaiter commented, “Great news! Unfortunately, I didn’t have that luck. I lost my thyroid to radiation treatments for thyroid cancer back in 2008. I take a pill everyday so my dead thyroid think it’s alive & working. The complications are brutal. Eating/sleep patterns changed, but I’m still here.” An Eddie Van Halen firing bombshell leaked a few days ago.