Eddie Van Halen Wife Reveals Stunning Lesbian Photo


Eddie Van Halen‘s wife Janie Van Halen will be performing at an LGBTQ pride charity professional wrestling show on Saturday. Michael Anthony confirmed a 2020 tour with a Van Halen icon yesterday.

Janie said, “Hey #LasVegas #JanieandLouie are coming to town and the wrestling ring this Saturday, November 16th! Please come out and support us and a good cause. #prowrestling #kingofthefloor #litalamae #badguys #heels #lgbtq #philanthropy #bigvalleyprowrestling.”

A Van Halen member revealed he’s fired multiple bandmates over the weekend. With the apparent dissolution of Van Halen’s latest lineup, fans are looking back now at A Different Kind of Truth. DRFC posted, “Tattoo, She’s the Woman, Bullethead, Outta Space, Big River and Beats Workin’ are the obvious re-makes, and As Is has been discussed here. Dave created a melody over Ed’s old riff and Wolf probably arranged it.

Blood and Fire is ‘Ripley’ from The Wild Life, with Dave creating a melody.
Honeybabysweetiedoll is likely something Dave brought in, as it sounds a lot like one of his No Holds BBQ songs (Flex version 2). Dave wrote Stay Frosty and Wolf arranged it.

My guess on Trouble With Never and You and Your Blues is they are like Stay Frosty — songs Dave brought in that Wolf (and maybe Ed) arranged.

I don’t think Dave could write the music for China Town — my guess is it’s something Ed created from an old riff like As Is and Dave just did the melody.”

BSBLL4 responded, “I seem to remember Ed talking about Trouble with Never as being a song he put together going for the Jimi Hendrix vibe, but I can’t remember where I read that. There’s a good chance he did that several years prior to the ADKOT sessions, though. According to Dave the four of them never sat down in a room and wrote a song for that album.” An Eddie Van Halen bandmate revealed a sad funeral demand a few days ago.