Metallica Icon Calls Out Awful Dave Mustaine Lie


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney has called out the lie that Lloyd Grant was set to be Metallica’s lead guitarist instead of Dave Mustaine in a new Twitter interaction with a fan. An AC/DC icon revealed a terrifying Metallica injury earlier this week.

A fan asked, “Hi Ron. Were u present when Lloyd Grant played the Hit the lights solo? Was he considered for the role before Mustaine?”

Ron answered, “Yes. I was there in my garage when Lloyd recorded the Hit the Lights solo on a 4 track recorder. No , he was never considered for the lead guitar role in Metallica.”

A fan then asked, “Just to inquire further, why was he not? Skills? Stage presence? I only know about him through the 30th anniversary shows and reading the Metallica lore.. he seems like a good player but of course @DaveMustaine was the best choice i.m.h.o. thanks brother!”

Ron said, “Not a good fit for the band. Dave was a leader. We looked up to him.”

Metallica recently discussed Jason Newsted replacement turmoil. Lloyd Grant said about playing with Metallica, “Me and Lars Ulrich was jammin’ down there in Orange County, California and we jam with a few people and we lookin’ other people to jam with…” they met through The Recycler. “We were playing for a long time and he came down to my place my apartment once and he says and he keep asking me to come jam with the band, but I was really busy doing other stuff and I went down and play with them-me and him and James. That’s three of us.

James Hetfield was playing bass, I was playing guitar and Lars was playing drums and we rehearse that ‘Hit The Lights’ song, but way before that Lars had let me hear that song. We were hanging out watching soccer and he says “hey I met this guy blah blah blah and he’s exactly what we want to jam with and he played this one song and it was great and that’s how I was first was introduced to ‘Hit The Lights.’

After that I went over and jam a few times and he called me and say they gonna be in this compilation album and he brought over a tape of ‘Hit The Lights’ recording on a four track asked me to play some solo for that and they were going to bring the four track down and they were going to bring it down and dump it on the compilation album.” A Metallica member recently discussed an impersonator ripoff.