KISS Member Reveals Stunning Paul Stanley ‘Weight Gain’


Pumpin’ Paul Stanley news! In a new feature with Pollstar, the ‘Demon’ known as Gene Simmons recently discussed how he, along with KISS frontman Paul Stanley stay in shape to keep up with the strict demands of going on tour and how Simmons and company doesn’t want to do a ‘paint-by-the-numbers’ rock star, with this being their final tour. Paul Stanley horrible KISS ‘makeover’ photo revealed.

Simmons told the outlet: “It’s very clear, we’re the hardest working band, period. If you put on dragon boots that weigh about 10 pounds, break your back for two hours flying through the air and stuff, you wouldn’t last a half-hour. … Now I’m 70; I look great. I work out every day and get the heart pumping because we don’t want to do a paint-by-numbers rock show. Now’s a good time to go out on top and with a tug at the heart and a lump in the throat for me.”

Paul Stanley unloads after ‘miserable’ KISS firing In other news regarding Paul Stanley and KISS, fans recently took to KISSfaq to discuss their not-so-greatest encounters with the ‘hottest band in the land. One fellow forum member, The Spoiler shared: ” I have only one, and it was via email. The year was 2010, and I visited HMV Records in Birmingham, UK. Thumbing through the CD racks, I came across a new release – BK3 by Bruce Kulick. I gladly parted with however much it was in those days, took it home and gave it a spin. Loved it. Cracking album with great playing throughout.”

The user continued: “Bruce had become quite fan-friendly by that time through his site and was known for answering questions via email. So I thought I’d email him to say how much I loved the CD and to thank him etc. All good fanboy stuff. I didn’t know, at that time, that HMV had a habit of putting CDs on the racks before their official day of release. So when I wrote a really nice email to him about how much I loved the album, I was really happy to see the old Bruce AOL email sitting in my inbox – he’d written back! I opened it and read – ‘Bought and paid for I hope!”That was it. Thanks, Bruce. Paul Stanley ‘gains muscle’ in KISS gym photo.

You can read the full pollstar feature HERE.