Tool Joined By Ex-Bandmate Onstage At Concert


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan was joined by former A Perfect Circle bandmate Josh Freese at a recent concert, with Freese even coming onstage before the show. Freese wrote on social media, “Taking a sneak peek at Danny Carey’s crazy ass set up last night w/old friend/master drum tech @joepaulslaby and @therealjasonfreese before the show. #buchla #rototom #handsonic #xbox #phonecurse #sacredgeometry #gongsolo Swipe for more @toolmusic fun.” A painful Howard Stern and Tool secret was revealed last week.

Tool’s VIP recently reacted to equal seat allocation criticism. According to a fan named Raidernationprez on Reddit, they were sent an email that said, “With regard to Ryan (The VIP Host), and how VIP is run, please be aware that everything is taken into account including advisement from venue staff, band and venue security, tour and production personnel, etc.

We try our best to accommodate, but there is no one solution that will meet all VIP guests satisfaction regardless of how much effort we put into trying. We understand your perspective, but we also have guests who have been vocal about not being able to arrive super early to line up due to legitimate reasons such as work or childcare needs and feeling like they are being penalized. One big concern we had from this past Fall run was several individuals arriving extremely early when the weather was body-harming cold.

As we continue to expand the VIP experiences, we adjust as needed and that requires trying out different protocols to see whats works best overall. It will continue to evolve. We hope the band’s fans understand and grow with us.”

Drluna responded, “Last night was my first VIP and after meeting Ryan, I do understand how some would think he’s a bit condescending or whatever you want to call it. I’ve met plenty of people like him who come off that way but are actually really good people. He is short with people, hates to have to repeat things unnecessarily. I get the impression he is used to working VIPs for other bands where the fanbase is much more rowdy.

That being said, I will be eternally grateful to Ryan for going out of his way to arrange a way for those of us who got signed posters to leave the venue to take our posters to our tubes in property check in.

He didn’t have to do that and it looked like a bit of an effort to coordinate. Having to hold and baby my poster all night would have made the experience much less enjoyable. I feel bad for the others who did not get the word that we could do this. When I was walking out I was behind someone who had their poster sticking out of their backpack and it was bent to shit.” A Tool member made a last concert announcement last week.