Rush Icon ‘Weight Gain’ Revealed After Neil Peart Death


One superfan of Neil Peart and Rush took the time to document their experience meeting a ‘bloated’ looking Neil Peart back in 2003 in California over on the prominent Rush message board TheRushForum. The user known as Rushhead666 wrote: ” Geddy, Alex, and Neil are the best! Trust me. My meeting with Neil was awkward by his bus back in the parking lot in Concord CA in 2003 but it didn’t matter to me. All I wanted to tell Neil was to thank him for his inspiration about being a well at the time a young drummer. I didn’t want anything from him. When I met Geddy and Alex or any other musician, athlete or star in a film and guys and dolls, I’ve met so many. Not bragging. Just telling you. I never had a problem socially with anyone. All of my friends and a few Enemies Within know me. I’m very social, confident and have no filter. Meeting Neil was a curveball in life. I’m serious you guys and I’m sorry for being a broken record for the people who know me on here.” Rush icon Neil Peart’s ‘goodbye’ note to mother leaks.

The user continued: “My ex-wife, my ex-brother in law literally parked next to Neil’s bus. I was very fortunate with my ex-brother law who knew the guy who ran the Concord Pavilion. Thankfully Johnny my ex-brother and law are still brothers. But Neil’s BMW motorcycles are still out on the pavement. The three of us just waled by them. I was like a schoolgirl in a white dress at a Beatles concert. We walked into the office to collect our VIP passes and comp floor tickets. As the three of us walked by Neil’s bus, I was totally flabbergasted and excited. Yet in control. I have assumed control. We were walking away from Neil’s bus, and all of a sudden I heard this low bellowing “HELLO” “HELLO!” I turned around as Wendy and Johnny kept walking to the backdoor of the venue. It was Neil! He was standing on the black asphalt about two feet away from his bus door. I thought he was called out to me. But he was trying to ask for something from a Concord Pavilion service guy. Trust me. He wasn’t trying to call security on me. But I am sure as a comedy relief factor, many of you would think that. I was blown away. No disrespect to Neil at all as I continue this story that I have written many times on here and I am still very accurate but I love sharing it.” Rush reveal if Neil Peart had ‘final words’ before dying.

The user also said: “I looked at Neil. 2112 feet away. His hair was black. Over his shoulder lengthier and quite greasy. His face was red and bloated. He looked like Johnny Cash. Decked out in a long-sleeved black shirt. Black pants. Black boots. I walked up to Neil slowly. Like a slithering serpent in the sunset sky. Again, all I wanted to blurt out slowly was a simple “Thank You” for his inspiration as being a drummer and emulating him. I know a stranger isn’t a long-awaited friend. But I had my one moment in time with Neil. I didn’t want to blow it. But was what it was – T-shirt worthy? It is what it is? It Was What It Was. Anyway, there I was. Now 100 feet from Neil. We locked eyes lock two rams locking horns. We gazed into each other’s eyes like two deer in headlights on a dark snowy night. It was like a Tarantino flick. Or even something from Robert Rodriguez. I was in a Mexican standoff with Neil Peart. I couldn’t get the words out. He slowly recoiled back onto his bus like a fire dragon retreating into a lonesome lair. It was still overwhelming for me despite the outcome.”

Concluding the user put: “A failure some of my friends still say to this day. To me, it was “One Little Victory.” Oh boy. It was the “Vapor Trails” Tour. Despite the outcome. It is still a wonderful story to tell. I love Neil Ellwood Peart. I will love Neil forever. Don’t judge me, please. “It is what it is and whatever.” Neil Peart ‘refusing’ terminal diagnosis leaked by Rush.