Geddy Lee Announces Horrible Rush Health Scare


Rush frontman Geddy Lee was asked about if he’s ever suffered the medical condition known as RSI [Rapid Sequence Induction] in his hands during a new interview with Bass Guitar Magazine. Lee commented on the state of his fingers overall telling the magazine the following. This Rush member was caught smoking this terrible drug.

No, although I’ve smashed my fingers up pretty well throughout a tour. My fingers are finally starting to get soft after three years, but there was so much nerve damage to the ends of my fingers that they didn’t get soft for like a year and a half. Even though I don’t play nearly as much as I used to, or should, they’d come back if I forced them to. If I were to do a Rush show tomorrow, I’d have pretty sore fingers.”

This Rush drummer family member revealed the truth about retirement. The publication then followed up by asking if the famous pickup-maker Abigail Ybarra was the one who wound them. To which the Rush frontman replied:

I’m not even sure if she wound those pickups. It’s all those things that make that moment magic.”

The magazine then asked what other Jazz basses stood out to Lee. The Rush singer said: 

In its own way, the ’72 is magical. I played that one for years and years. Way before this obsession, I always tried to find a backup for my ’72. It’s very hard to find another ’72 that sounds the same, which was a source of frustration – and one of the reasons that led me to this mania. I kept asking myself why my ’72 was different to every other one that I found.”

Rush fans discussed their favorite and least Rush albums as well as songs in a recent topic on the group’s subreddit.

Neil Peart dropped this Rush tour bombshell recently. Hondas_r_slow stated: “Favorite Album: Snakes and Arrows. Least Favorite: Test for Echos. Favorite song: The Main Monkey Business. Least favorite: Dog Years. Honestly, after 30+ years of listening to Rush, I am a touch burnt out of their older stuff. Also, when I heard Alex was bringing back the acoustic guitar in Snakes and Arrows, it became a favorite as I love his acoustic work. Before this, my favorite song was Broon’s Bane.”

Emile937 mentioned: “Favorite album: Clockwork Angels Least favorite album: Hold your fire Favorite song: Headlong Flight Least favorite song: Tai Shan”