Freddie Mercury ‘Terrified’ Elton John In Bedroom With AIDS


Music icon Elton John discussed how ‘terrifying’ it was to see Queen frontman Freddie Mercury during his later stages of life and as he progressed after being diagnosed with the AIDS virus during a promotional one-off, Q&A event. Elton John recently revealed what Bono did to his son.

“I have a house in London which wasn’t too far from the house where he spent the last few years of his life. I didn’t go and see him often because I found it really, really painful. AIDs was terrifying. He was physically terrifying to look at. Freddie loved collecting Japanese art and collecting it at auction. So while he was dying he was still buying things at auction. He would be surrounded on a bed and there’d be medicine all around him. Medicine cabinets and pills and auction catalogs.”

The reviews are in for Elton Johns’s first and only autobiography ‘Me’ and fans are beyond impressed. One reviewer wrote on Amazon: “Elton John’s career is amazing to look back at — his rise to fame was sudden, and he wasn’t well equipped to handle it. He was cheated on the parent front, with an absent father and irascible, hypercritical mother (though at least she wasn’t homophobic). His anecdotes about other famous people are often funny — Bob Dylan struggles with a simple game of charades, really?”

The reviewer continues: “He takes responsibility for many years of poor choices in his personal life. Yikes, what a long trail of bad decisions! But when he shaped up, he really stuck to it. He even started and devotes time today to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which has raised over $400 million devoted to HIV programs, and which Charity Navigator rates 98.3 (!) for dedicating raised funds to the charity’s mission, not “overhead.” It’s quite astounding.” John Lennon spending ‘night’ with Elton John revealed last month.

The reviewer also said: “In addition to records and concerts, Elton has done top-notch work in movies and theatre. Where does he get it? A successful career of fifty plus years in rock is a rarity, but Elton doesn’t spend time pondering his unusual combination of continuing creativity and talent. It must feel normal to him. He does admit to one musical skill he lacks — the ability to pick out a hit song. It’s only thanks to wiser heads that we ever heard such great songs as “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”.

The reviewer concluded: “Now, with a happy marriage and children, I was glad to hear that David Furnish, Elton’s husband, focused his constantly touring husband on consciously determining how much of his children’s life he would be present for. Elton decided to break a fifty-year habit and cease touring. Finally, he’s developed good judgment! We all learn that children grow up fast, and too soon stop sitting in our laps, stop holding our hands, and move away into independence. Elton John made the right choice.”  Ozzy Osbourne reacts to this tragic Elton John news late last month.