Rush Member Caught Smoking Terrible Drug


Rush frontman Geddy Lee was asked about his preferred studio schedule in a new interview with Bass Guitar Magazine. Here, as Lee answers the question he talks about how he would have an entire morning routine that revolved around the Rush frontman rolling a bunch of “doobies”, the street term for the schedule one drug – marijuana. This Rush drummer family member revealed the truth about retirement.

Lee told the magazine the following:

“I like to come in in the morning when I’m fresh, and I like to work until five, and then I like to leave – and that’s when Alex is just waking up! He likes to stay late, roll a bunch of doobies and go to work, but that’s not me. I like to go home and uncork a nice bottle of wine and have my dinner, having put in a good day’s work. That worked really well because we would pass the baton, like ‘Okay, bud, over to you. See you in the morning.”

Lee continued:

“The Big Beautiful Book Of Bass doesn’t just list a bunch of bass guitars – it’s a journey through a period of history. You know, it was really fun to learn about that stuff – and it’s a window into other cultures too. The biggest [historical] change that you see in the course of the book, is that in the mid-60s, the Beatles happened. They really changed everything – everybody wanted a bass, or a guitar, or drums. Instrument production and demand were incredible, and all those companies had to change. You can track it with almost every manufacturer. Changes happened fast. Production just exploded.”

Rush fans discussed their favorite and least Rush albums as well as songs in a recent topic on the group’s subreddit.

Neil Peart dropped this Rush tour bombshell recently. Pachucocadaver87 started things off by asking: What’s your favorite and least favorite Rush album? And what’s your favorite and least favorite Rush song? Favorite album: Hemispheres. Least favorite album: Hold Your Fire or Snakes & Arrows. Favorite song: Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres. Least favorite song: High Water or one of the lesser songs from Snakes & Arrow. Also, keep in mind I don’t dislike any of their albums, and none of their songs are bad, just the very occasional one is forgettable, like Rivendell, Open Secrets or Limbo.

TheVelourFog92 conflictedly wrote:: Ooh this is a toughie. Favorite album: probably A Farewell To Kings (but Vapor Trails and Caress Of Steel make this difficult). Least favorite album: probably Test For Echo but Presto and Fly By Night give it a run for its money. Favorite song: “Cygnus X-1” or “Xanadu”. Least favorite song: “Dog Years”. This ‘thin And pale’ Rush icon photo was recently revealed.