Paul McCartney Wife Reveals Stunning Backside Photo


Paul McCartney‘s late wife, Linda McCartney shared this iconic vintage photo that she was lucky enough to have had the privilege to snap, a photo of her husband going for a walk on the pier in the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, England, showing his backside. The McCartney account shared this information about the piece: “The Linda McCartney Retrospective’ will be shown at Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool from 25th April 2020 to 31st August. The exhibition will include a selection of images taken in Liverpool and on the Wirral which have never before been on public display.” Paul McCartney’s wife also reveals this sad ‘overweight’ photo.

In other news relating to Paul McCartney fans of the man called Macca took to social media to reflect one of Paul McCartney’s most popular albums – Band On The Run, released during his time with ‘Wings’. Paul McCartney’s daughter recently bent over for this actor in a new photo.

One fan stated: “This is a great package not only for what is included but also for the great price: Only 14.99 at Amazon. For that price you get three discs….the first disc is the original Band on the Run album but the British issue minus Helen Wheels. However, Helen Wheels is offered on the second disc, along with rehearsal takes of the Band on the Run songs, plus a few outtakes. The live versions of these songs sound great, especially Jet and a piano oriented version of 1984, which sounds completely different from the released version, so it is a very enjoyable surprise.”

Paul McCartney ‘worse’ paycheck than Elton John recently revealed. The fan continued: “These two discs have been re-mastered by the same team who worked on the marvelous Beatles re-masters that were issued last year, so like those, the sound here is crisp and loud. Paul’s bass playing was already top-notch for this album and it sounds even better and more distinct on this re-master. Likewise for his drumming and the wonderful guitar sounds, which were always a treat on this album. Disc three offers videos made during the Band on the Run period….studio rehearsals which are very interesting and again sound great, plus a selection of many other offerings such as the film of the album cover party, taken the day the album cover was shot. It also includes music videos for many of the songs from the album, most of which have a very vintage look but are still interesting. I was disappointed that the music videos didn’t feature the band performing instead of animation, but this is a small complaint about a package that includes so much for such a good value. This is the best re-issue of this album, in my opinion, far superior to the 25th Anniversary edition that came out in 1999.”