Ozzy Osbourne Rejected By Big Name: ‘You’re Pathetic’


Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife, the unmatched Sharon Osbourne recently unloaded on big cable and one of its many corporations, in this case Spectrum. The famous personality called Spectrum out for, in her words, being ‘pathetic’ and lamenting over the fact how her household can’t get e-mail, WiFi or proper internet. Sharon tweeted: “It’s 2020 & we cannot get email, use WiFi calling or open a webpage at our home thanks to our non-working Spectrum internet we’ve been calling about for over 6 months with no action! Anyone else held hostage by Spectrum? It’s 2020 and there is no service. It’s pathetic!” Ozzy Osbourne family confirms ‘terminal cancer’ news.

In other news regarding Sharon Osbourne’s husband, the ‘Prince of Darkness’ Ozzy Osbourne, who also got involved the Spetrum controversy by tweeting: ‘ What the f*ck is going on over at Spectrum’ fans recently took to social media to look back upon the legacy and impact of one of Ozzy’s most popular albums – ‘Ozzmosis’. One fan wrote: Originally released in October of 1995, “Ozzmosis” is a fantastic album. Although there is a clear lack of variety, both tonally and stylistically, it’s more than made up for by the terrific craftsmanship of the material, including expert use of dynamics, plus Ozzy’s uniquely sincere and expressive vocals.

Ozzy Osbourne’s family recently unloaded on ‘sexual harrasment’ claims. The user also said: “The end result is a gripping listen, with soaring metal ballads like “Ghost Behind My Eyes”, “See You On The Other Side”, and “Tomorrow”; and super-heavy kickass rockers like “Perry Mason”, “Thunder Underground”, and “My Jekyll Doesn’t Hide”. The hit power ballad “I Just Want You” is also haunting and undeniably powerful. The only real weak track on the disc is also the least characteristic–the schlocky, piano-laden album-closing ballad “Old L.A. Tonight”. They also mix things up with the compelling, sitar-drenched ballad “My Little Man”.

The user continued: “I’m always skeptical as to how much Ozzy really contributes to the writing of the material on his albums, and indeed there are a ton of outside writers here, including ‘hacks’ like Jim Vallance, Mark Hudson, Steve Dudas, and John Purdell. Naturally, Geezer Butler (who happens to be on bass here) and guitarist Zakk Wylde also get some co-writes. In the end, I think Ozzy, Zakk, and producer Michael Beinhorn deserve a lot of credit for bringing it all together into a cohesive, sincere-sounding, and powerful disc. “Ozzmosis” is a must-have.” Ozzy Osbourne’s family recently leaked this ‘last photo’ before sad death.