Slash Reveals Gross Gene Simmons Photo


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has posted a photo of KISS icon Gene Simmons with a pencil stuck up his nose to celebrate his 70th birthday. He wrote on social media, “Happy Birthday #GeneSimmons ! iiii]; )'” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently released cowgirl outfit photos.

Simmons was saluted on his birthday as well by fans on DJ Sterling Golden wrote, “Truly a figure of great inspiration to so many of us, as polarizing as the Demon can be. Will forever remember that missed phone call from Gene in ’94 🙁 and later finally having that chance meeting with him almost two years back now, seen here. 8) Fact is, one can’t talk power moves and life goals with those who don’t share your ambition. To those folks it sounds like bragging. Fuck ’em. We get it. Grateful to Gene Simmons for the music, the entertainment, the lessons and the inspiration.”

Gene Simmons recently posted a police photo. bassmansteiny wrote, “Thanks Gene for your years in KISSTORY and Happy Birthday. In some ways Gene has been a huge inspiration to me, his work ethic and coming from nothing to make his dream a reality. The other things, well I guess I got other heroes and roll models to look up to like my father. 🙂🎂🤘👊 :gene:”

warmachine731 said, “Inspiring for sure. Last night I was listening to KISS and something clicked when Shout It Out Loud from Alive II came on. I said to my wife “what’s amazing is that there they are, singing this in their 20’s and now they’re almost 70 and still doing it.” It’s truly amazing.

Despite all of Gene’s quirks and attention grabbing moments (which I tend to just ignore), he did inspire me from a younger age. I read his books in high school in the early 2000’s and became enamored by hard work and being in full control of the life you could earn if you dedicate yourself.” Gene Simmons recently filmed a video of his daughter dancing.