Howard Stern Leaks ‘Gross’ Michael Jackson & Prince Claim


Howard Stern revealed that he wanted to see Michael Jackson‘s sister Janet Jackson’s body exposed during a Super Bowl performance, and that he did not like Prince’s Super Bowl performance on his show a few days ago. Michael Jackson’s family recently dropped a creepy Ringo Starr bombshell. recapped: Robin read a story about how she looked up the worst and best Super Bowl performances to see what Howard thinks. Howard said he has never really seen a ”best” Super Bowl performance. He said it’s hard to do it at the game. He said it’s a rush job and it’s hard for someone to show what they’re up to. Robin said there have been some highlights and low lights. Robin said number 5 is the Janet Jackson performance. Howard said he doesn’t even remember it. Robin said he missed it. Howard said he did and he was watching the Lingerie Bowl. He said he was hoping to see [her chest exposed] and he didn’t see any on that.

Robin said Janet’s performance was on the list. Robin said Beyonce was number 4 and Michael Jackson was at 3. Robin said she only has a top 4 so those numbers were off. She said the number one performance was Prince. Howard said he didn’t think it was that great. He said it’s not his fault though. Robin said he did Purple Rain and the whole audience was swaying. Howard said he should have just done that and gone home. Robin said he got everyone swaying to his song.

Robin said the worst performances she’s going to do in reverse order. Robin said first is the Black Eyed Peas from 2011. Robin said all of the critics said they were bad. Robin said they say that they haven’t been heard of since. Howard said he thinks they’re pretty talented. Robin said they are indicating that they jumped the shark back then. Robin said Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera Toni Braxton and Enrique Iglesias in 2000 is the next worst. Robin said after that it’s Gloria Estefan at number 1. Robin said she had a bunch of ice skaters. Howard Stern just revealed what’s ‘wrong’ with Pearl Jam.