Michael Anthony Calls Out Bad Van Halen Singer Performance


Michael Anthony has reacted to former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar uploading a bad rehearsal performance video. It looks like the pressure is off David Lee Roth for a day, who Sammy Hagar ripped for a bad Las Vegas show. Hagar’s hair looks great in the video, as he even pointed out.

Hagar wrote, “Are you ready? Not sure I am #iforgotwhatiwasdoing #southamerica #tour #thecircle #comingup #warmingup.” A fan named Tcwild63 asked, “You ok Sammy? I’m worried about you. Lol😂.” Hagar answered, “😂😂😂😂I’m good.”

Anthony seemed unfazed by the bad rehearsal performance, commenting, “HEY, WHOO HOO, I’m ready!!!”

Neveringham chimed in, “Why have I watched this 100x’s and continue to laugh my ass off?? 😂.” Hagar responded, “Because it’s f**king funny that’s why I posted😂😂😂😂.” Another fan named Nightlabmusic told Hagar, “Take care of your self my friend.” Hagar shot back, “Believe me I do.”

Richandcherie commented, “RED IS BACK!!!!!” Hagar responded, “With a touch of grey😂.” Bakersfieldluvssammy wrote, “Me too! I like it!! Staying true to our #roots ;p 😘.” Darthrigo sent Hagar a message that said, “Love the Jerry Garcia reference, he only got better as he got older!🤘🏻”

Fairqueen513 chimed in, “I have major stage fright and I tell people you, SAMMY Hagar, is the only one I would be ready to hop on stage with and sing along!” Rubyowens said, “Too much Cabo in your Wabo? Tequila makes me forget things. Like where I left my clothes.” David Lee Roth reacted to a bad comment about his Las Vegas show onstage a few days ago.