Green Day Make Stunning ‘Last Album’ Announcement


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong hinted that the band’s new album Father Of All Motherf**kers will be their last on their record label, and that they may even switch to an EP model instead of full albums. Billie Joe Armstrong revealed how he went broke yesterday. recapped: Howard Stern asked if this is the last album they’re doing for the record company. Billie Joe said that it might be. He said they have to see what they offer them to keep them on. Howard said he must want them to back the truck up to them. Tre hit a bell and said that’s their lawyer Howard Stern.

Howard asked if they could walk away and just put their own stuff out. Mike said they could do that. He said they can record 5 songs and put it out themselves. Howard said the record company doesn’t want them doing that. Mike said there’s digital and then hard records. Howard said they will get pissed if you put it out for free. Billie Joe said it’s kind of free now. Howard said they are open to staying with the record company. Billie Joe said sure. He said the way things are structured now is different. He said they have always made albums and they’re all about that. He said if they want to put something out like a single they don’t have a contractual obligation to have it on an album. Howard Stern recently called out brutal Green Day rejection.

Howard asked if they like what has happened with technology and this freedom they could have. Billie Joe said he likes it the new way. He said you can do it both ways. He said the fans from the Dookie era like to buy albums. He said they want to read the lyrics and look at the art. He said they generate new fans who want to download stuff and gobble it up. He said he has no issues with it. Green Day canceled a Dookie anniversary tour for a stunning reason.

  • Marissa Meyer

    Download album here

  • Mark B. Little

    What the fuck kind of journalism is this?

  • DuhLayy

    This reads like a 4th grade writing assignment. Truly awful.